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Hot News

January 26, 2011

Heads of opposition newspapers "Vzglyad" "Golos Respubliki" "Azat" and "Alga" think that KZT150 000 000(USD 1 020 408) of recoveries were charged illegally

Opposition editions of the Republic of Kazakhstan were controlled by tax committee. Heads of opposition newspapers "Vzglyad", "Golos Respubliki", "Azat" ("Free") and "Alga" ("Ahead") think that KZT150 000 000(USD 1 020 408) of recoveries, taxes, fines and penalties were charged illegally. It was a grand and wasted amount for newspapers.

On January 26, 2011 heads of these editions were attended press conference. They have been disagreed with account method of recovery. So, representatives of tax committees took into account only incomes of newspapers, but expenses connected with the publication and production activity were failed to take into account.

Owner of the newspaper "Golos Respubliki" LLP "Shezhire" ("Chronicle") had an income KZT19451400 (USD132322). It has transfered a right to the publication and selling of newspaper LLP "ADP Ltd"; did not conduct its activity from May 23, 2006 and provided zero tax statements for tax committees.

Editorial staffs of newspapers "Vzglyad", "Golos Respubliki", "Respublika Ц Delovoye Obozrenie" "Azat" ("Free") and "Alga" ("Ahead") will provide five boxes with accounting documents for the re-control to Tax Committee of Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan on January 26, 2011.

Editor of he newspaper "Azat" ("Free") Nazira Darimbet has said about the request, which was addressed to Chairman of Tax Committee of Ministry of Finance Daulet Ergozhin. He should reply on some questions, related to activity of enterprise, its services and output.


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