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January 14, 2011

Circulation of newspaper "Golos Respubliki" was seized

Only 3.000 copies of next issue of the newspaper "Golos Respubliki" were sold at 09.00 a.m. on January 14, 2011. The main part of the circulation was seized.

Traffic police officers, servicemen of department of internal affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and civilians stopped driver of the edition on January 13, 2011. Editorial office of the newspaper (Almaty) was put under observation.

The driver of LLP ADP Ltd (publisher of the newspaper Golos Respubliki) Aydar Burashev has been in traffic jam and stood before traffic light at the intersection of Satpayev and Seyfulin streets at 20.00 p.m. in Almaty. His car was stopped by traffic policemen, servicemen of department of internal affairs, investigative officers, representatives of general prosecutor's office and civilians (approximately, 25 persons).

Investigative officers of bostandyk department of internal affairs have begun examination of car in witness's presence. They found the circulation of printed advertizing materials with inserts; recounted them and began the seizure. It was a circulation of advertizing inserts of television channel K- Plus. Officers of law-enforcement organs did not say anything about reasons of detention of a car and did not provide arrest report and its grounds.

They behaved themselves roughly, took a dictophone of Director of LLP ADP Ltd Guzal Baydalinova and interfered to professional activity of journalists. Somebody has explained that they executed only their professional duties. Tip-ins were recounted by hand within the hour.

Within the hour only Deputy for Head of Office of Public Security of Department of Internal Affairs of Almaty Half Colonel Abay Turysbekov. He said that the driver would be detained within three hours.

Lawyer Sergey Utkin was interested in such order. Colonel has explained that it was his order.

There were about 3.000 tip-ins; investigative officers have begun the search of boot and things of the driver; packing of tip-ins. Sergey Utkin tried to influence on this process. One of the investigative officers tried to speak with him, but Head of Office of Public Security of Department of Internal Affairs of Almaty Half Colonel Abay Turysbekov ordered to stop talking with lawyer.

Packages with tip-ins police officers took; the driver was sent to bostandyk department of internal affairs. They did not reply on questions and provide arrest report of exemption, but promised to provide it.

Editorial staff of the newspaper Golos Respubliki will carry out a press conference, related to seizure of circulation at 12.00 a.m. on January 14, 2011.


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