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January 10, 2011

There is conflict situation between district akim (governor) and editorial staff of newspaper Taza Bulak (Pure Stream) in Kostanay oblast

On December 15, 2010 editorial staff of the independent newspaper Taza Bulak (Pure Stream) of Altynsarin district of Kostanay oblast has addressed to deputies of Altynsarin district maslikhat (local executive organ in the Republic of Kazakhstan).

District akim (governor) has revoked budget increase, related to funding of publications of normative and legal acts. There was a debt (it meant more KZT800000/USD5442), which should be discharged. It was a salary for the editorial staff.

He has ordered to terminate rent contract with editorial staff and asked founder of the newspaper (LLP Taza Bulak (Pure Stream) about transfer of the newspaper to akimat (administration) without compensation of expenditures. District akim has said that he would open his own newspaper and other newspaper could not be published in his district; ordered to suspend subscription for the newspaper Taza Bulak (Pure Stream) at the staff session with representatives of institutions, enterprises and organizations.

Deputies of district maslikhat (local executive organ in the Republic of Kazakhstan) have examined an application of editorial staff. After explanations of B. Akhmetov, deputies voted unanimously for the publication of application refutation by editorial staff of the newspaper.

On December 30, 2010 akim (governor) of Altynsarin district Batyrbek Akhmetov gave an interview to the newspaper Nasha Gazeta (Kostanay). He has been disagreed with a grand number of charges, which were brought against him. If facts were not disproved, published and set forth in application, akim (governor) would bring a suit against editorial staff of the newspaper Taza Bulak (Pure Stream). He has considered the information on violation of laws as insult.

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