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January 04, 2011

Employees of newspaper "Diapason" faced to two attacks during one evening

Employees of newspaper "Diapason", reporters Yuri Geyist, Nickolay Syrbov and photo reporter Maxim Tokar were beaten and stolen on the night of the 22nd/ 24th December, 2010.

They had supper in cafe. Yuri Geyist said "good-bye" to his colleagues and went home. He has fainted from his head injury. It had happened not so far from his house. When, he has restored to consciousness, could not find his mobile phone and photo camera of the edition.

Nickolay Syrbov and photo reporter Maxim Tokar tried to stop a taxi. Some unknown young men came to them. They extorted money from them. Nickolay Syrbov and Maxim Tokar refused to do it. As a result of it they were beaten and taken off. Attackers took mobile phone, but they did not take their wallets.

They had major traumas; a first medical aid was given to them. Servicemen of press service of department of internal affairs (Aktobe oblast) informed about openning of criminal case and investigative process of these attacks.

Chief Editor of the newspaper "Diapason" Elena Getmanova has said that these attacks were happened in different districts of the town.

The wife of one of aggrieved person Tatiana Tokareva (she has been an employee of the newspaper"Diapason"). Practically, everyone of the newspaper"Diapason" was attacked from 1997. She faced to threats relevant to her.


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