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Statistic of violations of rights of mass media and journalists of the Republic of Kazakhstan January-May 2009




Arrest of journalist 2


Ramazan Yesergepov (Alma-ata Info, Almaty), Yermurat Bapi (Taszhargan, Almaty).


Convicted journalists 3


Vadim Kuramshin (Free-lancer, Petropavlovsk, convicted to three years and ten months of imprisonment for libel in 2006); Tokbergen Abiev (Chief Editor of the newspaper Zakon I Pravosudie, Astana, convicted to three years of imprisonment under attempt of getting of information in 2008); Victor Miroshnichenko (Proper correspondent of the newspaper Vremya was punished by a fine in an amount of two hundred monthly assessment indices (254 600 tenge) for libel in February 2009).



Media and editorial workers attacked 7


Artem Miusov (Taszhargan, Almaty), Yermek Boltay (Radio Azattyk, Almaty), Bakhytzhan Nyrpeisov (Obschestvennaya positsiya, Almaty), Reshat Kozhabek, Zemfira Gafitulina, Erkibelan Kenzhugulov (TV Radio Company Astana, Almaty), Andrey Frolov (TV Company CTC, Ust-Kamenogorsk), Aziz Myrzabayev (TV Company Otyrar, Shymkent) and Olga Schukina (Vremya, Taraz).



Threats against journalists 2


Irene Tkachenko (Radio 102, Temirtau) and Zhanar Davletova (Uralskaya nedelya, Uralsk).



Detentions of journalists 2


Dmitriy Roys (Kazakhstan-1, Petropavlovsk) and Initiative Group of Campaign For Free Internet!(Almaty).


Stoppage of issue (on-air) of mass media 3


Alma-ata Info, (Almaty), Taszhargan (Almaty), Direktor.KZ (Caraganda region) and TV Company ART (Caraganda).


Journalists prevented from carrying out their professional activities 36


Criminal prosecution 14



Charges of libel 4


Victor Miroshnichenko (Vremya, North-Kazakhstan region), Marina Rybalko (Kurs, Kokshetau), Darmenbay Sharip (Panorama Shymkenta-Shymkent kelbeti, South-Kazakhstan region), Vremya (Almaty region), Daniyar Batyrbayev (TV Company 31 Channel, Almaty) and Gennady Benditskiy (Vremya, Almaty).


Slander with a judge 1


Sergey Struk (Novoye vremya, Pavlodar).


Charges of incitement of national enmity 1


Ontustik-tany, Ardak (Shymkent).


Contempt- 1


Yermurat Bapi (Taszhargan, Almaty), Almas Kusherbayev (Almaty)


Civil charges against media outlets and journalists 70



Civil suit or protection of honor and dignity 70


Damages sought in the lawsuit are 1 milliard 316 millions 310 thousands tenge


The plaintiffs are:


State officials 29, legal entities 25, citizens 16


Denies and restricted access to information of public interest 124



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