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Since 2002 Adil Soz Foundation prepares monthly monitoring reports on violations of freedom of speech, which are based on information provided by Adil Soz volunteers and correspondents and publications in mass media. Legal classification of data collected is made under the operating legislation of the RK and international law.


The monitoring is divided into chapters, sections and subsections.


Chapter I.

Peculiarities of political, social, administrative and legal climate in the country, defining actual state of mass media

The chapter summarizes reports on actions, statements and orders of senior officials in the country or in particular regions, which have a direct impact on or define the level of freedom of speech in the country or region. The chapter includes information on new legislative acts, which directly or indirectly influence status of journalists and mass media rights. The most important reviews of free speech in Kazakhstan made by widely respected international and local experts and information on journalists defending their rights are included in the chapter as well.


Chapter II

Infringements on rights of journalists and mass media

Looking through this chapter, you will find various infringements on rights of journalists in the country: denials of information of public interest, censorship, threats, assaults, unpaid salaries, attempts to obstruct journalists from carrying out their professional activities, etc. All of them represent typical violations, which are classified into subsections under the operating legislation. Each type of infringements is supplemented with legal comments, useful for all media workers, who appeared to be under the similar conditions.  


 Chapter III. Conflicts. Violations, incriminated to mass media and journalists

The chapter summarizes all charges brought against journalists for their reporting: ranging from criminal (libel, insult, incitement of national enmity and etc) to administrative. The chapter informs also about claims against journalists, information on court hearings in cases, involving journalists, mass media and authors of other publications. Each subsection includes legal comments. 




Akmolinsk region Mira Seitova, Asatana, tel.: (3172) 31 94 10,  Email:

Almaty region Yelena Malygina, Almaty, tel.: (3272) 91 16 70 Email:

West Kazakhstani region Tamara Yeslyamova, Uralsk, tel.: (3112) 51 25 68, Email:

Pavlodar region Askar Shomshekov, Pavlodar, tel.: (3182) 32 29 59, Email:

Atyrau region Victoriya Lee, Atyrau, tel.: (3122) 32 58 58, Email:

Mangistau region Oleg Voropayev, Aktau, tel.: (3292) 52 28 41,  Email:

Aktubinsk region Gennady Mavludov, Aktobe, tel.: (3132) 51 56 60 Email:

Kostanai region Diana Okremova, Kostanai, tel.: (3142) 53 25 41,  Email:

North Kazakhstani region Zaure Zhumaliyeva, Petropavlovsk, tel.:  (3152) 46 12 18, Email:

East Kazakhstani region Andrei Kratenko, Ust-Kamenogorsk, tel.: (3232) 25 13 18, Email:

Karaganda region Barlyk Almagambetov, Karaganda, tel.: (3212) 56 47 13, Email:

Zhambyl region Tatyana Pak, Taraz, tel.: (3262) 43 35 66, Email:

Kyzylorda region Yuriy Lee, Kyzylorda, tel.: (3242) 27 68 15 Email:

South Kazakhstani region Olesya Dmitriyeva, Shymkent, tel.:,  Email:



Head of the legal service of the Foundation Kalsin Iliodor F.

Head of the monitoring service of the Foundation Steblyuk Nataliya F.

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