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Personal website of Adil Toyganbayev was subjected to strong DDOS-attack This DDOS-attack was caused by severe critisism of referendum 27.01.2011
There was legal proceeding by suit of Meezgul Abdikazhimova to newspaper "Kazakhstanskaya Pravda" and journalist Nataliya Valuyskaya 27.01.2011
Website of news agency "Kazakhstan Today" was blocked within two days 27.01.2011
Punishments for criminal offences where journalists could be charged with their professional activity were mitigated26.01.2011
Heads of opposition newspapers "Vzglyad" "Golos Respubliki" "Azat" and "Alga" think that KZT150 000 000(USD 1 020 408) of recoveries were charged illegally26.01.2011
There was attack on flat of photo reporter of newspaper "Vecherniy Taldy-Korgan" Savva Dautov 21.01.2011
Circulation of newspaper "Golos Respubliki" was seized14.01.2011
Statement by the Coalition of Kazakhstani Nongovernmental Organizations Kazakhstan OSCE 2010 On the Referendum for Extending the Term of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev through 202012.01.2011
Statistic of violations of rights of media outlets and journalists of Kazakhstan in January-December 201012.01.2011
Journalistic communities applied for supreme court to analyse practice in application of recovery of moral damage by courts from media outlets12.01.2011
There is conflict situation between district akim (governor) and editorial staff of newspaper Taza Bulak (Pure Stream) in Kostanay oblast10.01.2011
Employees of newspaper "Diapason" faced to two attacks during one evening04.01.2011
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